Under Arrest At Community College in Cuyahoga County

Kenneth S. Taylor
8610 Hadden Road
Twinsburg, Ohio 44087

October, 28, 2012

Jerry Sue Thornton, Ph.D.
Cuyahoga Community College Metro
2900 Community College Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115

Dear Jerry Sue Thornton, Ph.D.:
This letter is to inform you about my horrible experience as a full-time college student at Tri C’s Metropolitan campus. On ,and about Tuesday , October 23, 2012 between the hours of 3: 00 pm and 3:30 pm I was stopped by the Cuyahoga Community College Police Department accused of being a potential suspect for an allege purse snatching on campus.
What happened next was shockingly disturbing especially in light of the fact I complied with each and every command given to me by police officers, obeying to the letter each directive from them. However while in a total submissive state both physically, and mentally things quickly got out of hand. And I was forced to endure lethal blows of injustices such as my Civil Rights being violated, antagonistic verbal abuse, unnecessary use of force, unlawful search and seizure without probable cause, short arrest, detention, taking of my property both tangible and intangible all as a direct and proximate cause as an result of the actions and/or inactions of the Cuyahoga Community College Police Department and its officers.
In a purposeful effort not to conflate the facts and issues concerning these crucial matters I have left out details which can be reviewed by official original complaint filed on Wednesday October 24, 2012 in the Office of Student Affairs. However most disturbing and disappointing is the direction the complaint process has taken. I was told the second step was a conference with the Chief of Police both by Angela Odom of Student Affairs, and Brenda Payne Riley Director of Counseling as both these individuals displayed professionalism and expert knowledge about the complaint process. However that meeting with the Chief of Police has not happen as of yet, nor have I receive any communication from that office. I thought the process was a fiat, maybe I am wrong but that meeting was prevaricated, and I was invited to meet with a police officer by the name of Detective Lane, detectives normally solve crimes, by investigations. This is radical shift from what I was initially told and has lead me to believe the process is not totally reliable. I further believe I have exhausted Cuyahoga Community College’s Administrative remedies. And this will be my last attempt to seeking a resolution visa via this campus. I am further requesting a full written report from police department of this stop, along with names and ranks and official duties of all officers present during the stop. (With emphasis on all officers.).
Further I would like to request a meeting to express my other concerns regarding my feelings while on campus and whether or not the campus can cure my feelings that I am experiencing such as but not limited to the creation of a hostile environment. You see I have not returned to the lunch room since because I am too embarrassed and shameful as the loss of my reputation is hard to recovery retroactively. News of the incident is being spread by lunch room employees who have done nothing wrong ,but just reporting what they saw to others , however its one sided, a third party reported to me they heard people talking about it, saying the police always does that to people around here.
Needless to say, I remain quite frustrated. Nobody to this point has any solutions. I expected a much higher level of care and attention to the matters at hand, and plan on taking my concerns public and to another forum for results.
Kenneth S. Taylor


Obama TKO’s Pope



Obama TKO’s Pope  

 Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to resign this week is due a lack of morals and ethics regarding the White House policy on child birth and same sex marriages. Although some pundits say it is due to illness and his inability to deal with the grueling schedule; which I would agree in part. Notwithstanding his resignation comes on the heels of Presidents Evolving Political position on child birth and same sex marriages. “Pope Benedict XVI “weighed on a heated debate over gay marriage,” as the UK Telegraph put it, during his year-end speech to the Vatican bureaucracy, which is known as the Curia.  The Pope also “criticized new concepts of the traditional family, and warned that mankind itself was at stake.” Pope Benedict XVI, anticipates government interference with Catholicism concerning these highly explosives polarizing issues.  Pope Benedict said gay marriage, like abortion and euthanasia, was a threat to world peace. He is obviously frustrated by a weakened voice and his inability to persuade the White House and other citizens that the policies of the United States  and abroad represent a manipulation of God given  gender destroying  the essence of human life;  so he is calling it quits .“Benedict XVI made the comments in his annual Christmas speech to the Vatican bureaucracy — one of his most important speeches of the year. He dedicated it this year to promoting family values in the face of vocal campaigns in France, the United States, and Britain and elsewhere to legalize same-sex marriage”.



Dynamic Duo Civil Rights Issue #1 Posted by Kenneth Taylor at Wednesday, January 23, 2013 12:00:32 AM EST
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a civil rights issue unto himself, and he has been a social phenomenon of magnanimous proportions for a critical mass of American Negroes (blacks) his spirit and legacy is woven deep into the fabric of America. After celebrating his national holiday earlier this week on Monday, as the only African American in the history of America to ever have one. We synchronously inaugurated a black president for the second time, a “kairos collision” said pastor Dr. R Vernon in a sermon on 1/ 20/ 2013 at the Word Church Cleveland, Ohio.

“On the third Monday of each January, we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and this year, it’s particularly fitting that his Bible will be one of those used in the second inauguration of Barack Obama”. Moreover, let’s seize the moment to re-analyze the historical significance of the contributions he has made to blacks and society at large.

Born in 1929 to Martin Luther King Jr. to Mr. and Mrs. King, his original name was not Martin his father changed his name. “In 1948, he graduated from Morehouse with a degree in sociology, and enrolled in Crozier Theological Seminary in Chester, Pennsylvania, and graduated with a Bachelor of Divinity degree in 1951. King also received a PhD in systematic theology at Boston University. In Boston he met and married Coretta Scott. Two sons and two daughters were born into the family”. Subsequently he became a civil rights leader winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

McDonald’s Corporation Parking lot Rip-offf !

August 18, 2012

Alycia Ann Taylor

McDonald’s Corporation,
2111 McDonald’s Dr.
Oak Brook, IL 60523

McDonald’s Corporation
801 Allegheny Ave,
Pittsburgh, PA 15233, USA
Charmene Hunter –Lewis 2nd Assistant Manager
412.322 – 6660

Regarding case of customer car illegally being towed.

Dear Managers, Owners, Customers Service Persons or Legal Department

I am writing to tell you about my horrible experience I had while visiting your restaurant and demanding a re-imbursement of my cash paid as a result of the actions and inactions of McDonald’s Inc. Charmene Hunter –Lewis 2nd Assistant Manager who
has conspired with Howard’s Towing and Recovery of Pittsburgh causing intentional infliction of emotional distress by a unjustifiable unlawful unethical plot to become unjustly enriched the unjust enrichment came to private person running a parking scheme which traps unwary consumers. The demand I seek is an apology and cash re-imbursement and 3,000.00 for pain and suffering for placing an undue burden of stress on me which subsequently ruined my visit to Pittsburgh and did cause severe emotional distress and extreme anxiety.

On Sunday October 7 ,2012 as a paying customer( See attached receipt), while sitting in the dining area of McDonald’s Inc. located on 801 Allegheny Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15233, USA and after purchasing a cup of coffee and hash brown for breakfast of which I have the receipts from the restaurant which prove that I was a customer at the time the tow occurred and as such established that fact it was an illegal tow. While sitting in dinging area a verbal altercation took place between the two employees, behind the counter the manager attempted to settle these employees down but the conflict escalated to the point of complete chaos of the interior front and dining area, quite frankly I was afraid. What happened next was shockingly disturburbing the manager seemed panic I became startled and worried so I approached the manager and questioned her because I saw her frantically going out the door so when she re- entered the restaurant, I asked her was everything all right because I’m not certain about my safety at this location anymore and became worried about my car and everything. She looked puzzled asked what kind of car was I driving? I told her the car with the Ohio plate a Chrysler 2012, 200 she said your car is towed, check with the man outside. When I went outside she started to admit she was wrong and said I didn’t know you were in here. The guy blamed the manager, then the manager blamed the guy, then they said I in effort to cover up their obvious mistake, they both claimed the car was parked in parking lot pass the 30 minute time limit. The vehicle was towed at the request of the owner of the property and they had to sign an authorization form with the vehicle description. Nobody just takes cars without a request to do so.That why the manager went outside to authorize the tow. Somebody is not being truthful here. That expectation of a customer to get in a restaurant and out its dining area in 30 minutes is preposterous , insensitive to needs of a consumer and unethical business practice and is nothing more than a trap set for the unwary does more harm to innocent consumers that violators, the rule is enforced arbitrary some cars park longer than mine remained , the parking lot is encourages abuses they are using the customer parking lot on game day for person gain, private tow business is flourishing signs are purposely small cant be see as the unwary driver pull on lot unaware his car could be taken in 30 minutes , laws of most cites require business to have ample space for its customers . Does the city know That Mc Donald’s Inc. operates a parking lot for profit, price gouging consumers taking people person property and commandeering it withhold people’s property violating city state and federal civil tort law, by a crime of conversion charging a whopping $180.00 cash fee to get my car from a private owners lot 20 minutes away (See attached receipt). Let me first say it took 5-7mins for my order then then young clerk Terrence got me on the Wi-Fi that took ten min at the counter that this same manager questioned him at the counter on the register and wanted to know what he was doing and stood there and watched.

My car was towed away for McDonald’s Corporation Parking lot while inside the restaurant chain eating and drinking a cup of coffee and enjoying the use of Wi-Fi that was available…without any previous warning .Wasn’t McDonalds staff supposed to take down registration numbers? But they did not. Shouldn’t Warnings Be Inside the Restaurant?
However, this is certainly not a normal policy. No other restaurant chain that I am aware of in my home state Ohio does this were customers cars get towed for staying too long. And as every person knows, when visiting such a place you really do not have time to start reading the small print on the signs in McDonalds ’parking lots You are more interested in getting safely into the restaurant most times rushing to get ahead of other customers in line.

McDonalds should really have large banners inside the restaurant “reminding” its customers that they have strict time limits on how long you may die for. They should stop towing cars altogether without a complete understanding of the facts with documentation and proof they check all customers inside before initiating a authorization to tow someone’s person property, a harsh sanction for paying customer. The business should err on the side of caution to consumer

It turns out that I am not the first to raise this though. McDonalds actually appeared on Watchdog for this same reason in April 2010 – Big charges with your Big Mac.

I was completely shocked when the manager told me my car had been towed for staying in the parking lot for over 30 minutes; prior to the tow I receive no warning. After I ask manger why my car was towed? She said they have a policy that cars left in parking lot unattended get towed, after 30 minutes. the temperature outside was cold my jacket was in my car, no one from management would help, they would not even provide a ride to retrieve the vehicle after explaining to them I was from Ohio they would not even call a cab for me .The location of the towing business where car was taken was twenty minutes away my laptop was carried without protection in the rain my books were heavy and had to be carried 1 mile uncovered in rain and cold the books were difficult to manage walking to rivers Casino to try to get a cab.

First and foremost I have never heard of such harsh policy at any McDonald’s Corporation in the entire United States I was a paying customer (receipt included) it is unreasonable to expect a paying customer at McDonald to know of such policy and had I been informed of a possible tow of my car , I would never had parked in the lot ,never visited , and never used the Wi-Fi or dine inside, there has been more than one occasion where I have waited in line over 15minutes just waiting to get an order at counter. The so called policy is ambiguous , it does not make sense invites corruption, snags innocent customers into its nets with violators , tickets should be placed on vehicles of people dinning in , a pager could be given to customer to alert them of such drastic lethal blow of injustice

McDonald’s Inc. was running a under the table unlawful parking lot, a side parking lot operation using the spaces for paid profit that are normally for reserved customers the location is so embroiled with selling parking it encourages wrong doing and greed at the expense of its customer having a good experience, the entire operation is designed to make money the McDonalds Corporation charge a paying customer 180.00 cash by the use of conversion I believe its unlawful taking of ones property without warning the cost of the tow was double the amount the city charges to tow cars. Why does McDonald Inc. Operate a parking facility inside its customer parking lot. Is McDonald’s Inc. in the parking business? I have never seen such greed, I just can’t believe this, why not place a ticket booth in front and charge by the hour, how about take 5seconds and have cash register issue a written printed warning you must eat in 30minutes.if you’re driving. It unfairly punishes people driving to the location, where is the equal protection of constitution rights to visit a public facility free of harassment there is corporate liability here.

To add insult to injury I called the local owners office and left all information pertaining to this incident and have not received any response.

We demand a fair and reasonable settlement to be paid in two weeks from the receipt of this letter. Which totals 3,200.00 dollars or we will seek other available remedies in this matter. For this was one of the most egregious acts I have ever suffered in public at a private company with such a pristine record of customer service this Corporation is the standard of the business world both Domestically and Globally don’t let this location ruin your reputation. Something is wrong at this location. Perhaps it’s an ethics embargo. You see guys I buy a cup of coffee daily back home here in Twinsburg, Ohio from you guys. I love McDonald’s.

Respectfully yours

Alycia Ann Taylor

CC. Charmene Hunter –Lewis 2nd Assistant Manager


New Legal Wide Receiver

My electronic football set from the 1960s that feature amazing graphics and colors, printed on cardboard of a stadium full of fans was state of art technology for that time period. Contrasting that with my newly e-discovered football that has emerge via the internet and Social Media featuring live stream of Super Bowl XLVII broadcast live by and through cyberspace without wires is amazing and mind bogglingly. Accordingly this space age high tech Geek Squad approach became bit overwhelming for me last Sunday while attempting to watch the game on my low grade Acer I overloaded my circuits on my Acer short-circuiting my feed of the game as it kept buffering. In Addition to that I was enjoying the web browsers task bar as it projected the score that scrolled across my 15inch monitor the like the electronic bill boards seen In New York City keeping the score, and commenting instantly on play by play situations, as if it was live, at the same time my 50inch monitor was on as my makeshift default for my 2GB Acer. Still I was chatting on Facebook with a few 100 people some as far away as California. On the other hand when the lights went out the social media rumor mill, as well as the humor mill was a buzzing big time someone sent me a picture post within a couple of minutes; of an electrician at a commercial circuit box with the following quote “shid, they not winning that easy” .

Applebee’s Tiping is not a city China Posted by Kenneth Taylor at Tuesday, February 5, 2013 3:47:11 AM EST

Applebee’s Tiping is not a city China Posted by Kenneth Taylor at Tuesday, February 5, 2013 3:47:11 AM EST
An Applebee’s waitress was fired for posting customer comment online. The waitress deserved to be fired, because her actions are absolutely invasion of privacy. Moreover it’s certainly triple alarm wakeup call to all customers that your information is not safe at Applebee’s. Accordingly where there is smoke their fire; all parties are stemming mad; something right out of Hell’s Kitchen More important taking a picture of the customers receipt and then dissemination that information into cyberspace could result in a civil lawsuit. Also as a resulted the patron has lost her privacy. Moreover she can never get her privacy back. Her banking information most likely could be revealed. It also effectively shows the criminals a high tech way to steal someone’s information with one click of the phone getting vital credit card information in seconds. “Applebee’s President Mike Archer said in a phone interview Friday that the company stands behind its workers. But he said there was no choice but to fire the waitress for violating the customer’s privacy rights and the company’s social media policy”. “We have to protect our guests’ privacy,” Archer said. “There’s a lot of private information on those receipts.” Facebook destroys people’s privacy and played a vital role in getting the waitress fired providing the forum for this type of cyber-bulling of this women to occur and exposing Applebee’s disgruntle employee(s).Notwithstanding how is anyone supporting this waitress stealing private information and making it public.


Remote Controlls Posted by Kenneth Taylor at Tuesday, February 5, 2013 2:03:21 AM EST
The internet has undergone a radical shift the information age has changed forever. Moreover the shift continues to be evolving. More importantly that change has democratized the process of sharing information. Needless to say that evolution has unleashed a new kind of beast online into the blogosphere call trolls who engage in an activity called Trolling.” “Trolling” is the verb tense of the noun, the act of causing mayhem or making needlessly disparaging or snarky remarks. “To troll” is kind of an adverbial phrase akin to pranking someone, luring someone in with said behaviors, just for the fun of seeing them become aggravated”. The trolls should be trapped and exterminated like moles in a lawn as they destroy and ruin the bloggers landscape the same way moles do. So the question is what food sources are the trolls feeding on? Who is providing the food source for trolls? There is now something called a “patent troll” stealing information without any contribution .Most people would agree that trolling movie spoilers are amongst the most hated species of Internet users. So when a couple of artists decided to bring those trolling tactics to the streets of Atlanta to ruin the ending of “Looper,” you can just imagine the results”. Paul Krugman of the New York Times said frustrated with trolling; “Guys, you are still banned, no matter what new names you’re using. Same lies, same rhetoric, no place for it here. Find something else to do”. Trolls better beware of bounty hunters.


Rhetorical Analysis Essay Eng. 1010 -1020 Kenneth Taylor


“I’ve gone about three days without eating” Javier Walker a boy age 13, “When I get hungry it feels like I’m about to die or pass out” Jahmai Walker girl age 10. “It’s heartbreaking” “Ramen noodles again” Oscar Walker. Hunger Hits Home is a documentary which investigates why children are hungry in America, a home cooked crisis that has reached a critical mass, touching every community in America .The film looks up close and personal into the lives of three real families, the Walkers, Scarberrys and Davis .The documentary is aired by the Food Network and titled “Hunger Hits Home.

The film uses a three prong approach to influence its audience with a technique originally developed by Aristotle (Greek Philosopher) utilizing logos, ethos, and pathos. Logos appeals to the facts and evidence of the audience. Pathos appeals to the emotions of an audience, while ethos demonstrates the credibility of the writer.
Hunger Hit’s Home is a film that points to the hunger problem in America and the need to cure the problem. The film utilizes facts and figures and evidence to support its findings. It emphasizes more than 16 million kids in America live in households that struggle to put food on the tables. That’s one out of every five kids! The documentary is narrated by Oscar winning actor and longtime anti- hunger activist Jeff Bridges .Moreover the documentary compels the audience to take action against childhood hunger while exploring some innovative ways of solving the problem. By studying three different families from three uniquely different parts of the United States.

The film does an effective job of persuading its audience that children are hungry in America using ethos, pathos, and logos to make broad appeal to the public’s consciousness.

 Logos

The film reaches logical conclusion without generalizations by using concrete examples of three families on a case by case basis and forwards good evidence to prove its main point that childhood hunger is a problem everywhere in America.

The documentary points out 1 out of every five children struggle with hunger, 18.5 million children receive food stamps; there are 16 million children in America at risk of hunger. Almost 45million Americans used SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly food stamps during) 2011.
• Ethos

The documentary is narrated by Oscar winning actor and longtime anti- hunger activist Jeff Bridges. However it’s aired by the Food Network and is titled Hunger Hit’s Home. They also work in conjunction with an organization called Share Our Strength. The politicians lend a helping hand with the No Kid Hungry Campaign supported by Barack Obama the president of the United States who has vowed to eradicate hunger in America by 2015. The U.S.D.A. (United States Department of Agriculture) is used in film as a creditable source.
• Pathos
The film looks up close and personal into the lives of three real families, the Walkers, Scarberrys and Davis while capitalizing on the pathos provided by Minnie’s Food Pantry owned and operated by Sheryl Jackson in Allen, Texas.

The Walkers
The author does not waste any time injecting heart felt doses of pathos to appeal to its audience using a powerful dose of pathos in its opening line of the trailer to the documentary when Javier Walker says; “I’ve gone about three days without eating” this ignites an emotional flame that burns throughout the documentary as the audience is quickly reined in, that statement tends to bind itself to one’s mind as one views the rest of the film leaving a sort of a mental imprint on one’s cognitive domain. The words have a long lasting residual affect which is unforgettable. “When I get hungry it feels like I’m about to die or pass out” Jahmai Walker a girl age 10, this statement acts to foster heighten emotional senses arousing ones sympathetic nervous system. “It’s Heartbreaking” says Oscar Walker of Norfolk , Virginia who is experiencing shame, embarrassment, sadness, sorrow , and diminished pride from the inability to feed his family a well-balanced meal daily and must rely on help from government. The Walker family must apply for food stamp even with Oscar having a decent job working for, ironically the government making 16.00 dollars per hours with four children and a wife name Athena this family is collectively known as the Walkers, and Oscar Walker has lost all hope in the American Dream which he believes is now prevaricated.

The Scarberrys

Dave Scarberry from Allen, Texas, is age 40 he is single father who lost his job in 2008. His house is currently in foreclosure and was schedule to be sold in a sheriff’s sale but he has momentarily escaped that tragic result of his home being taken. However just the thought of not knowing when his home could be taking away is tantamount to having part of his pride and dignity taken away, he too faces embarrassment, and shame which is a devastating blow to his pride. He feels his situation is overwhelmingly unconquerable. You see he is in church with his last ninety dollars in his pockets two weeks before Christmas, and has nothing for his son for Christmas who is 10 years old. Braden has no mother in the home to help cook . Braden favorite food is Ramen noodles most likely by default , partly because they are eating it on a regular basis for dinner out of necessity. He is hungry. Branden has taken on his father’s stress, tensions, worry, and is currently being robbed of an innocent childhood. The author gives the audience another huge dose of pathos regarding the Scarberrys story which synergizes the audiences emotional response most likely to the point viewers may began to produce tear drops. The author certainly accomplishes his mission ,placing the audience in a state of pathos euphoria

The Davis
The Davis’s cannot find fresh produce for their two small children who suffer from lack of proper nutrition because they are literally struck in a food dessert. The Davis’s are a family of four, two babies ages 7months, and 22 months Effie is only person employed her husband is unemployed as they reside in New York city sometimes called a “Concrete Jungle” because of its small amount of green space. The Davis’s do not have the money to travel on a regular basis to places which sells the fresh produce or to buy much of the expensive produce sold at a premium. The children are under nourished and hungry primarily because of poverty. The author goes into pathos overdrive using Effie Davis to call into question her responsibilities, as a mother. Effie has enormous duties and burdens she’s face with, caused by her maternal instincts as a mother who feels inadequate because she cannot provide well balanced meals for her kids .The film capitalizes on this aspect of her life. One of Effie’s worsted fears is her kids will develop a vicious cycle of diabetes, a disease she is currently living with herself.

Minnie’s Food Pantry

Remember the Scarberrys they have made it to Minnie’s Food Pantry for some much needed help with food as Dave Scarberry has mustered up enough courage to put his pride aside for the good of his son. How about them cowboys! Dave fears of shame and embarrassment from others seeing him there at the pantry are quickly laid to rest. Minnie’s unique approach to handing out food to families by appointment allows Dave and his son privacy, and as close to a real shopping experience that was possible under the circumstances. They were able to pick some of the foods they most desired while at the panty. Braden was able to get a supersize pack of Ramen noodles, one of his favorite foods .The documentary tears of stress from pain are reversed to tears of joy and jubilation. Finally pathos is display by author in a positive light. Both are displays of being happy or sad are intense emotional sensations for the audience.

Minnie’s Food Pantry owned and operated by Sheryl Jackson in Allen ,Texas she is a tough hard working, cargo truck driving, red warm colored blouse wearing, passionate lady with a heart of gold. Sheryl Jackson’s maternal instincts, and kindred spirit that touches the marginalize people asking for food , by turning otherwise a depressing cry for food into a good experience. We witness a modern day Mother Teresa a Texascanian, who makes a living by giving with a big heart directed at big problem everything is bigger in Texas .Minnie cries in a cargo truck because she has no more food to give to hungry people. The once again uses two emotional extremes when big box store Wal-Mart donates her a truckload of food she also cries overcome with a sensation of surprise and joy. Pathos, pathos, pathos.

The documentary does an extraordinary in job identifying a wide spread food crisis all across American among its children. The hunger problem is pervasive and has affected different races of people and all social classes. The three families represented here is a distinct cross section of people in America. The net is cast long and wide and all type of children are finding themselves engulfed, entangled, and trapped in its threads in what is a virtual melting pot of home cook hunger. the facts , figures , evidence ,and issues are made crystal clear by the author kids are going hungry in America in a critical mass the film is successful because it influences the audience towards its authors perspective in a broad appeal using Pathos as the main ingredient and key component that guides the audience right into a path of a moral ethical sympathetic tsunami which is inescapable and has its audience drowning in tears, this film is a call to duty to war against hunger . The author uses integrated crisis management techniques using politicians, anti –hunger activist, educators, and governmental agencies who enjoin forces together to develop solutions to cure childhood hunger.

So the questions raised is, why are we letting this happen to us and are children, why hasn’t the Obama administration provide more help?
The documentary stated 6 million families have lost their homes. Do we have bigger problem with the economy caused by high unemployment and home foreclosure mortgage crisis? Why is the cost of food so expensive? Food for thought; the Thomas Malthus Dismal Theory; “All living things will increase beyond its means of survival, at which time, war, starvation, famine, and disease will restore equilibrium”.

“privacy virginity” Sold for $10 Dollars

Has anyone else received an email from FB about a class action suit? “NOTICE OF PENDING CLASS ACTION AND NOTICE OF PROPOSED SETTLEMENT
Kenneth S. Taylor got my letter they took my virginity ; “privacy virginity” and i cannot get it back retroactively , and only gave me a hot ten for my virginity. Man That Sucks huh.

Women in Combat Inequality Symbols

G.I. Jane’s As Inequality Symbols
Women in combat will cause increase sexual harassment in the military and weaken the frontlines of combat zones. They represent an inequality symbol and weak link among groups of fighting soldiers .Women look to men for security and strength the weakness in women has led to a growing trend of suicides by them at home as spouses of male soldiers. Women are weaker vessels their bodies are shape differently from men that limits their physical capability. This it is not a Victoria Secret. Women just can’t jump as high, run as fast or build muscles as fast as men.
Women in any job that requires extra physical brute strength always ask men for help, most men have to stop what they’re doing and assist women no matter what the job description was on paper or what initial practice test taken it cannot duplicate the reality of panic, and pressure that will be place on women as a result of inequalities during actual combat and war.
The designer of women created a body specialized for reproduction. The designer made them highly attractive to men physically, and chemically. One fact we all have overlooked is the military has not actually allowed them into frontlines of combat. But in the game of horse shoe and grenades I guess close counts. Let this be fair warning for experts conducting this experiment to cease now or later when women with blown off legs, arms, fingers, and body bags get home.