The last national election just shows how polarized and divided we are as a nation .Our great nation is dividing right down the Mason Dixion line Strong conflicts between rich and poor deep division between politicians on taxes and roles of government, could lead to civil unrest. The gridlock and partisan polarization and protection of each party’s status quo has the White House embroiled in an epic battle for power mongers. The American people are frustrated. Many polls show confidence in Congress is low we are in a situation which nobody clearly has the advantage or emerges a clear winner.
This split between the democrats and republican belie the assertion by both sides to get any meaningful legislation passed in the next four years in a non-partisan manner. So the question is “which weighs more, a ton of feathers, or a ton of bricks”? Answer, they both weigh the same.
“ A new Pew Research Center survey finds that 58% of adults say there are “very strong” or “strong” conflicts between the rich and the poor, down from 66% in 2011. The proportions that see major conflicts between immigrants and the native born as well as between young people and older adults also declined. At the same time, eight-in-ten Americans say there are serious conflicts between Republicans and Democrats.”
The White House is rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. The new freshman classes of senators and congressional members have not changed much. The economy is already sinking and they are trying to keep the news from the passengers. On Top of that the gridlock on economic, taxes, and fiscal policy will cause an economic tsunami to hit American. The Federal Reserve has debased the currency and the existing taxpayers are shouldering the burden for generations to come. “I firmly expect that the Dollar will in time cease to circulate as currency. It has already been seriously debased, and what’s even worse, this debasement continues.” The net effect of the results of this year’s national election will cause America to drown in the sea of partisan politics.” “Federal Reserve Nightmare – Dollar Depreciation and the Stock Market.” Federal Reserve Nightmare – Dollar Depreciation and the Stock Market. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Jan. 2013.


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