Aint No Fun When The Rabbit Get The Gun

Aint No Fun When The Rabbit Get The Gun            

Posted by Kenneth Taylor at Friday, February 15, 2013 1:32:47 PM EST

1. A politician is a person who will twist the truth  just to get elected to office.  Disappointedly I have not meet an honest  one thus far, as they must lie, conceal the truth,  hide their past,  and mislead others ,they are simply put , well trained liars . Most often they are former attorneys, prosecutors, city council persons, with plenty of experience in lying. Take For example when a person is given a traffic citation by the city of Cleveland, he is fighting the state of Ohio. The City of Cleveland, the Judge, and the prosecutor, who all are against him, and if he is appointed a public defender he is paid by the same people prosecuting  him and he does lie to you , he is only going to help him plead guilty, or no contest which is an admission of guilt. Do you really think he going to risk his job for you, all these people eat lunch together. They all begin this training in local state government so not a one of them can get to the national stage without playing the lying game, police officers  are trained to lie  by these Politian’s ; this is so prevalent a word has been coined for it called (testilying). Attorneys, judges, and Politian’s have a code of honor of sworn secrecy. Any lawyer or Politian’s who does not adhere to the program is blacklisted. They all have a term that allows them to get away with lying. (“in artfully”).



2. The Political Movement of the Tea Party has engulfed American politics protesting the ever increasing tax rates on its citizens. The moment was born in 2009 not long after President Barack Obama took office and he and House Democrats passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 without any votes from republicans. This act lacked bipartisanship which outraged many conservatives provoking them .Republicans, began an effort to make this lack of bipartisanship public, but was unable to find media outlets willing to cover the story. Disappointedly this shed some light on the conservatives suspicious that the media outlets were operated and mostly controlled by liberals. This was the start of a new political movement whose main focus and mission is taxation which gives rise to the party’s name. The Tea Party movement has shown no signs of slowing down yet.

Taxes on people are taking 50% of their  income Uncle Sam is getting greedy , “Pigs Get Fat , Hogs Get Slaughtered “ It’s getting worse American wage earners citizens now pay income tax, social security tax, FICA tax, unemployment tax, local tax, state tax, federal tax , excise tax on gas, sewer tax , property tax, sales tax on food, clothes, cigarettes , pop, beer, wine, tickets, hotels , and cell phones .These taxes represent  about 50% of wage earners personal incomes  going to government; do your math people . The Tea Party movement has emerged as fixture in American politics because Americans taxes are too damn high!



3. The current legislative bodies is close to gun limits, as tighter weapons law passes Senate, Assembly with bipartisan support in New York .The problem is everyone here is sort of grandstanding New York already had in place some of the toughest gun control laws in the country and that has done little or nothing to curb gun violence in the state or around the nation. “The legislation would close what the Gov.  Mr. Cuomo has called loopholes in the ban, including a provision that allows what it deems assault weapons made before 1994 to be sold. The state currently bans ammunition magazines larger than 10 bullets, except on weapons made before 1994. The legislation would also expand background checks for most gun owners and require them to renew their license every five years, among other things.” while it may be seen as a local victory against guns of sorts , are nation as a whole is in trouble we need a unified federal law to past if anything., which essential means we must change the Constitution of the United States that gives citizens a right to bear arms. You see the bigger problem is the government is so corrupt people don’t trust its lawmakers, Just look at Libya, Drones, high gas prices, food prices, government policies on farming industry people are afraid and need to protect themselves so gun purchases are at an all-time high .The American people are not stupid, “aint no fun when the rabbit gets the gun.”  



4.Specific Political Crime or Corruption comes from our local government in the city Cleveland ,Ohio ‘s Cuyahoga County corruption probe involving some political heavyweights  like former Cuyahoga County Auditor Mr. Frank Russo , former Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge Bridget McCafferty , Former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora , who has been made in famous for announcing he has done nothing more than any other Politian’s are  in office doing, his statement suggest that the corruption is pervasive and everywhere in the city government . He may have just hit the nail on the head in Cleveland as the city is mired in political scandal, crime, and corruption. Such statements are supported by the numbers of individuals caught in the FBI dragnet and crosshairs in one single investigation. Nearly 50 defendants have pleaded guilty or have been convicted in the corruption probe.  Moreover the city seems to be no more than a catch basin and cesspool for attracting dirty Politian’s. Accordingly the corruption net has been cast deep and wide Jimmy Dimora may just be right about politicians. The city government is not trust worthy.Honorable Mention goes to Mr. Jeff Johnson city councilman who was convicted of a felony for extorting  a local Arab grocery vendor out of money, who was ripping off poor people’s food stamps, and Jeff wanted his share of the pie, after being sworn to protect his citizens in his ward in Cleveland, Ohio.  Mr. Jeff Johnson has been restored as council man .Yipes!









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