Under Arrest At Community College in Cuyahoga County

Kenneth S. Taylor
8610 Hadden Road
Twinsburg, Ohio 44087

October, 28, 2012

Jerry Sue Thornton, Ph.D.
Cuyahoga Community College Metro
2900 Community College Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115

Dear Jerry Sue Thornton, Ph.D.:
This letter is to inform you about my horrible experience as a full-time college student at Tri C’s Metropolitan campus. On ,and about Tuesday , October 23, 2012 between the hours of 3: 00 pm and 3:30 pm I was stopped by the Cuyahoga Community College Police Department accused of being a potential suspect for an allege purse snatching on campus.
What happened next was shockingly disturbing especially in light of the fact I complied with each and every command given to me by police officers, obeying to the letter each directive from them. However while in a total submissive state both physically, and mentally things quickly got out of hand. And I was forced to endure lethal blows of injustices such as my Civil Rights being violated, antagonistic verbal abuse, unnecessary use of force, unlawful search and seizure without probable cause, short arrest, detention, taking of my property both tangible and intangible all as a direct and proximate cause as an result of the actions and/or inactions of the Cuyahoga Community College Police Department and its officers.
In a purposeful effort not to conflate the facts and issues concerning these crucial matters I have left out details which can be reviewed by official original complaint filed on Wednesday October 24, 2012 in the Office of Student Affairs. However most disturbing and disappointing is the direction the complaint process has taken. I was told the second step was a conference with the Chief of Police both by Angela Odom of Student Affairs, and Brenda Payne Riley Director of Counseling as both these individuals displayed professionalism and expert knowledge about the complaint process. However that meeting with the Chief of Police has not happen as of yet, nor have I receive any communication from that office. I thought the process was a fiat, maybe I am wrong but that meeting was prevaricated, and I was invited to meet with a police officer by the name of Detective Lane, detectives normally solve crimes, by investigations. This is radical shift from what I was initially told and has lead me to believe the process is not totally reliable. I further believe I have exhausted Cuyahoga Community College’s Administrative remedies. And this will be my last attempt to seeking a resolution visa via this campus. I am further requesting a full written report from police department of this stop, along with names and ranks and official duties of all officers present during the stop. (With emphasis on all officers.).
Further I would like to request a meeting to express my other concerns regarding my feelings while on campus and whether or not the campus can cure my feelings that I am experiencing such as but not limited to the creation of a hostile environment. You see I have not returned to the lunch room since because I am too embarrassed and shameful as the loss of my reputation is hard to recovery retroactively. News of the incident is being spread by lunch room employees who have done nothing wrong ,but just reporting what they saw to others , however its one sided, a third party reported to me they heard people talking about it, saying the police always does that to people around here.
Needless to say, I remain quite frustrated. Nobody to this point has any solutions. I expected a much higher level of care and attention to the matters at hand, and plan on taking my concerns public and to another forum for results.
Kenneth S. Taylor


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