New Legal Wide Receiver

My electronic football set from the 1960s that feature amazing graphics and colors, printed on cardboard of a stadium full of fans was state of art technology for that time period. Contrasting that with my newly e-discovered football that has emerge via the internet and Social Media featuring live stream of Super Bowl XLVII broadcast live by and through cyberspace without wires is amazing and mind bogglingly. Accordingly this space age high tech Geek Squad approach became bit overwhelming for me last Sunday while attempting to watch the game on my low grade Acer I overloaded my circuits on my Acer short-circuiting my feed of the game as it kept buffering. In Addition to that I was enjoying the web browsers task bar as it projected the score that scrolled across my 15inch monitor the like the electronic bill boards seen In New York City keeping the score, and commenting instantly on play by play situations, as if it was live, at the same time my 50inch monitor was on as my makeshift default for my 2GB Acer. Still I was chatting on Facebook with a few 100 people some as far away as California. On the other hand when the lights went out the social media rumor mill, as well as the humor mill was a buzzing big time someone sent me a picture post within a couple of minutes; of an electrician at a commercial circuit box with the following quote “shid, they not winning that easy” .


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