Women in Combat Inequality Symbols

G.I. Jane’s As Inequality Symbols
Women in combat will cause increase sexual harassment in the military and weaken the frontlines of combat zones. They represent an inequality symbol and weak link among groups of fighting soldiers .Women look to men for security and strength the weakness in women has led to a growing trend of suicides by them at home as spouses of male soldiers. Women are weaker vessels their bodies are shape differently from men that limits their physical capability. This it is not a Victoria Secret. Women just can’t jump as high, run as fast or build muscles as fast as men.
Women in any job that requires extra physical brute strength always ask men for help, most men have to stop what they’re doing and assist women no matter what the job description was on paper or what initial practice test taken it cannot duplicate the reality of panic, and pressure that will be place on women as a result of inequalities during actual combat and war.
The designer of women created a body specialized for reproduction. The designer made them highly attractive to men physically, and chemically. One fact we all have overlooked is the military has not actually allowed them into frontlines of combat. But in the game of horse shoe and grenades I guess close counts. Let this be fair warning for experts conducting this experiment to cease now or later when women with blown off legs, arms, fingers, and body bags get home.


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